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Audio - Video Enhancement Services

PerpPics is a video forensic service specializing in surveillance video enhancement and clarification of images.

Initially designed to provide surveillance video enhancement services to law enforcement PerpPics now provides these same services to attorneys, security companies and corporations worldwide.

Surveillance cameras are in use everywhere but many times the images they capture fail to provide sufficient detail. Unfortunately many discover the deficiency of their surveillance system after the fact.

Our goal is to provide superior quality enhancement services at an  affordable rate to anyone requiring video enhancement and clarification.

Any digital surveillance video can be quickly and easily uploaded to us using our secure video submission form.

Your video will be analyzed by one of our video forensic technicians  and a detailed analysis report including a before/after sample will be sent directly to you at 

no cost or obligation.

Many of our attorney clients find our
Original / Enhanced split-screen Video very useful during litigation.
The split-screen video clearly illustrates the video was clarified and not altered.
The split-screen version is available with every enhancement project. is a fast and cost effective solution for anyone  requiring surveillance video enhancement, audio clarification and media authentication services.



Forensic Enhancement


We provide audio and video enhancement and clarification so you can obtain clear evidence and win your case.



Our lab are leaders in forensic authentication and tampering analysis of both audio and video files. 

Expert Testimony


Our experts are certified audio - video forensic analyst. If expert testimony is required we are ready to help.

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Audio - Video Forensic Enhancement Services

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