FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

What types of files do you work with?

We work with all digital video files including security systems, cell phone, dash cam and body worn cameras. We also work with any type of digital audio file as well.

Can I be sure my files will remain private?

All video files are submitted through a secured transfer link designed for large file transfers. All submissions are completely confidential and considered client attorney privileged. We will never post and submissions to a public location.

How long does it take?

 We begin  working with your submitted video immediately. We understand during an  active investigation time is key so we try to analyze each request in  under 24 hours 

How do I send a large video?

 You will be able to send any file up to 1 GB through our special secured Submit Video link on our website. If your files are larger than 1 GB let us know and we will forward an alternative transfer method.

How do I get the enhanced files?

Once your project is complete we will email a link to your files so you can immediately download them directly to your computer.

Can you provide expert testimony?

We provide affidavits, depositions and expert witness testimony should a named expert be required for your case. Our expert is a Certified Audio Video Forensic Analyst with prior testimony experience and is ready to help.

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