Audio & Video Enhancement Services


Video Enhancement (Digital)

Providing clear video evidence so you can prevail at trial . Our exclusive enhancement processes combine  cutting edge technology and proven methodology to obtain unparalleled results.  Whether you have surveillance footage, cell phone captures or dash cam videos you can be confident in our expertise to provide unequaled clarity. 

Video & Audio Authentication

Media authentication is typically required on any audio or video file before it can be considered as evidence by the trier of fact during litigation. We  authenticate your files so you can be confident in your media evidence. Our tampering detection services  utilizes the gold standard Media Authentication Testing (MAT) protocol.

Audio Enhancement

Our audio enhancement provides improvements to dialogue clarity so the trier of fact can  understand your valuable evidence. Background noise is reduced and erroneous noises are attenuated.

Image Enhancement

Image clarification and enhancement. Single frames can be extracted from videos and enhanced. 

Presentation and redaction

 Video evidence presented in a format that makes your evidence easy to understand. We also provide redaction of sensitive content.

Expert Testimony

 Should you require an expert to testify during litigation we are ready to help.  Our Certified Audio Video Forensic Analyst (AVFA) are knowledgeable and experienced.

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