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I  found PerpPics on-line; the result of a Google search. We have a gated  community and unfortunately, our founders did not anticipate the  possibility of a criminal becoming a member. We have had a low level of  criminal activity in our community for years but recently, it has gotten  brazen. The actions have been timed so as to leave no doubt it's an  inside job. Therefore, the board of Director agreed to install cameras  at strategic locations. We finally caught the person we suspected all  along in the commission of a robbery. However, it was at night and the  quality of the images was not the best and the person committing the  crime hid her face by pulling up her ski jacket. The problem became  tying her image in the commission of the actual robbery to her image  just minutes later coming through the gate like nothing happened -  PerpPics to the rescue.

The technicians were able to not only enhance  the video, but perform a height analysis on this person. She is seen in  both scenes carrying a purse. The technicians were able to demonstrate  that the distance from the ground to the bottom of the purse was  identical in both scenes. The District Attorney was very impressed with  the analysis and will now proceed with an investigation, thanks to  PerpPics. It never even occurred to me to use the purse that way - it  was the technicians' idea!

Also, Marc Robinson is a real gentleman and has  demonstrated he will do anything he can to help his client. The  analysis mentioned above was turned around in just two hours. I was  amazed! I would highly recommend using PerpPics for any video  enhancement and analysis need.

Mike Bramson


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